Insights about experiences of the Child Care Package for families and services

Stream: Child care package
Date: Monday, 9 September 2019
Time: 3.40 pm – 5.00 pm


The evaluation approach involves collecting information from a range of sources, to allow reporting on four outcome measures and three impact measures. The four outcome measures are:
(1) Child care services are accessible and flexible relative to families’ needs, including disadvantaged and vulnerable families;
(2) Access to child care support is simple for families and services
(3) Child care is affordable to families especially those with limited means, and
(4) Child care services are viable and the sector is robust.

This paper will focus on learnings to date against these outcome measures, drawing on qualitative data collections as well as surveys conducted by the consortium, including family-reported information and information reported by services and by other stakeholders. The key area of focus will be on the first of these outcome measures, focusing on the accessibility of child care. Reporting against the impacts of the Child Care Package will occur later in the evaluation. The impacts we are to explore are: (1) Parents of children can engage in work, education and the community; (2) Vulnerable and disadvantaged children are engaged and supported; and (3) Child care funding is sustainable for government.


Cara Rogers (Presenter), Australian Institute of Family Studies
Cara Rogers is a Research Fellow, working on the Child Care Evaluation, with lead roles in qualitative research for this evaluation. Cara is an experienced evaluator and project manager and has worked on many evaluations and projects related to child and maternal health, parenting education, childhood disability, education and family violence, ageing and refugee and immigrant issues.