The experiences of services and families in transitioning to the new package

Stream: Child care package
Date: Monday, 9 September 2019
Time: 3.40 pm – 5.00 pm


Preparations for the Child Care Package commenced well before its introduction. Child care services and providers needed to make significant changes to systems and processes in preparation for the changes. For many services it also involved supporting parents to help them understand and prepare for the changes to child care assistance. Families’ transition experience largely related to the introduction of the Child Care Subsidy, and the determination of eligibility and entitlement to this, through the provision of information related to the means testing and assessment of activity level. This presentation draws upon evaluation data collections to describe the transition process for services and families. From a service perspective, this includes insights on to what extent services felt prepared for the changes, had the information and support they needed to make the transition, and how those views varied across the sector. From a family perspective, we report on families’ access to information about the Child Care Subsidy, family reports of the ease of the transition experience, and understanding of aspects of the Child Care Package, as reported a few months after its introduction.


Jennifer Baxter (Presenter), Australian Institute of Family Studies
Dr Jennifer Baxter is currently managing the evaluation of the Australian Government’s Child Care Package, working with a team of researchers at AIFS as well as other consortium members. Her research interests include analysing child care use and parental employment, which directly align with areas of focus of the evaluation. Other research interests cover ways in which work and family intersect, and include analyses of fathering, children’s time use and work-family spillover.