An overview of the Child Care Package and the evaluation approach

Stream: Child care package
Date: Monday, 9 September 2019
Time: 3.40 pm – 5.00 pm


This first paper will provide a background to the symposium, starting with a description of the elements of the Child Care Package. This includes an overview of the Child Care Subsidy, and the different elements of the Child Care Safety Net. We will then present the evaluation approach, through a description of the evaluation framework, which incorporates a set of outcome and impact measures for the package as a whole, capturing potential outcomes and impacts for children and families as well as for the child care sector. We further present the data collection and analysis approach for the evaluation as a whole, with an outline of the evaluation data collections undertaken to date.


Kelly Hand (Presenter), Australian Institute of Family Studies
Kelly Hand joined the Institute in January 2001. A sociologist by training, much of her work at the Institute has involved research in the areas of families and employment, and in service provision to families – particularly those in vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. She has a strong background in both qualitative and mixed methods research approaches, survey design and managing complex fieldwork. She is a highly skilled qualitative interviewer, with significant experience in interviewing participants from diverse backgrounds and in diverse contexts.