4C. Great expectations - inclusivity in disability research - policy meets practice

Date: Thursday 28 October

Time: 02.00PM04.00PM

Chairs: Sallie-Anne Moad & Paul Tomaszewski, UNSW Social Policy Research Centre

Session overview

This session will explore inclusive research approaches in disability research.  This includes discussions on the opportunities, challenges and experiences of researchers in designing and producing research with people with disability.  During the session there will be opportunities to hear about some projects that researchers with and without lived experience of disability are working on.  These researchers will also talk about their experiences of being involved in inclusive research.  This will include the challenges and limitations of defining and implementing truly inclusive research across disciplines.  Attendees will also have opportunities to share their own views and experiences.  The session will close with a practical session run by Karen Fisher and Peri O’Shea, which aims to provide delegates with practical guidance and principles aimed at incorporating inclusive principles into practice.  


Ayah Wehbe, Diane MacDonald, Sallie-Anne Moad, Dr Peri O’Shea, Professor Karen Fisher & Paul Tomaszewski - UNSW Social Policy Research Centre

Chloe Watfern - UNSW Art & Design and Black Dog Institute

Lisa Scott - Studio A

Katie Butler - University of Sydney, School of Education and Social Work

Kathryn Thorburn & Shifra Waks - Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity UNSW 

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