3D. Education for equity, excellence and inclusion

Date: Wednesday 27 October

Time: 04.30PM–06.30PM

Chair: A/Prof Scott Eacott, UNSW Sydney         

Session overview

The question of how best to deliver equitable and inclusive education at scale has been an enduring question for government and systems globally. While the Australian government is spending more on education than at any point in history, the downward trend in student achievement and substantial disparity gaps for marginalised students has caused concern among policymakers and systems. There is an urgent need for new forms of policy and reforms aimed at delivering on the intents of the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Declaration and Sustainable Development Goal 4. As the world re-sets under pandemic the internal tensions and external pressures on education policy have never been greater. Increasing costs for public services as government revenue and household incomes fall amplifies policy themes of equity, inclusion, and excellence. The papers in this symposium draw on diverse interdisciplinary resources to address these contemporary challenges through education.


Education for equity and access      
Prof Laura Perry, Murdoch University 

Education for inclusion
Prof Linda Graham & Prof Suzanne Carrington, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)   

Education for excellence
L/Prof Jenny Gore, University of Newcastle    

Small schools for equity and inclusion         
A/Prof Scott Eacott, UNSW Sydney        

A/Prof Glenn Savage, University of Western Australian (UWA)                                                                                                                                                                                        

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