3C. Young people and social exclusion: Future policy approaches to promote inclusion

Date: Wednesday 27 October

Time: 02.00PM–04.00PM

Chair: Dr Cathy Thomson, UNSW Social Policy Research Centre

Session overview

In academic and policy discourses social exclusion refers to people who are denied access to resources and rights that are often taken for granted, experience barriers that prevent participation in activities and relationships, and subsequently have reduced quality of life. Policies promoting ‘inclusion’ are commonly paternalistically focused on individual autonomy to promote participation mostly through paid employment. These adult-centric approaches have a narrow economic focus and ignore underlying structural inequalities and barriers to participation specific to young people. Based on original research this session will critically examine these issues and contribute to a policy debate centred on young people and social exclusion. 


Who excludes? Young People’s Lived Experience of Social Exclusion
Prof. Gerry Redmond, Flinders University    

Extracurricular Activities as a Vehicle to School Engagement: The Importance of Peers Social Inclusion in low Socioeconomic Status Communities  
Dr. Alexander O’Donnell, Flinders University   

Getting ready to get organised: stories from the UK and Australia   
Dr Jen Skattebol, UNSW Social Policy Research Centre

Young carers at risk of social exclusion?         
Dr Cathy Thomson, UNSW Social Policy Research Centre                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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