2A. Exposing inequalities through experiences of COVID and disability

Date: Tuesday 26 October

Time: 11.30AM01.30PM

Chairs: Karen Fisher & Rosemary Kayess, UNSW Social Policy Research Centre

Session overview

The COVID pandemic has exposed many underlying inequalities experienced by people with disability, from the systems that people depend on to access to health care such as vaccines. This session explores the impact of the pandemic on these inequalities and the social policy responses to them. It presents the experiences, perspectives and actions of people with disability in the local community, government and international levels. In the last two years, the pandemic has accentuated inequalities in access in everything from health care, social isolation, housing and employment. The format is 10-minute presentations and a facilitated panel discussion, with the aim of stimulating participant interaction and areas where future work is needed.


Triaged out? People with disability and critical care decisions in the COVID pandemic
Jackie Leach Scully, UNSW Sydney 

Disability community mutual support and advocacy about COVID  
El Gibbs   

More than isolated: The experience of children and young people with disability and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic
Helen Dickinson, UNSW Canberra     

Barriers and enablers in the development of a COVID-19 policy response for people with disability
Gemma Carey & Celia Green, UNSW Sydney    

Lessons learned from the COVID-19 Disability Health Response 
Julian Trollor, UNSW Sydney     

Social isolation and loneliness in COVID   
Sally Robinson, Flinders University                                                                                                                                                                                              
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